DIY’s Made + Remade

Spring, 2013

Made + Remade was somewhat of a passion project around the DIY offices. The blog was created to give makers from around the country the inspiration, skills, and resources for living the DIY lifestyle. I worked with the brand on the overall visual style–creating the initial mood board that informed the branding and site design as well as the style guide that laid out photographic and writing styles for contributors and designers.

This project was executed as part of the HGTV visual design team. In 2014, The Webby Awards named it a Best Visual Design-Aesthetic honoree.

Here are a few pages from the Style Guide. To read more about it, and see the whole thing, visit Product Design’s tumblr.
Note: I had a lot of fun doing the illustrations for the Style Guide! 
We wanted a very distinct feel for the bloggers’ profile pictures–something that would show off their personalities as well as convey their confidence. After all, Made + Remade is fun but these people are also experts! I worked with a local photographer to establish a style, and I think she captured it perfectly.
Since Made + Remade’s launch, I’ve created ads and branding materials as well as graphics for social media and how-to instagram videos.

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