HGTV Gardens

Spring, 2013

HGTV Gardens was created as a place to give gardeners not only a storehouse of information but also a community. I was excited to work on several pieces of this projects including the initial mood board, some initial page designs, and the illustrations for Plant Finder.

This project was executed as part of the HGTV visual design team.


Typography on this site was especially important. The Bodoni Egyptian is reminiscent of the authority of an old school book while still remaining friendly. A handwritten font (Andrea’s Hand Slanted) was added to remind the user of the importance of their voice to the site as a whole.


Collages highlight various photo collections on the homepage while still keeping the airy feeling that makes users want to click-click-click.


The digital illustrations I did to accompany the Plant Finder help make this scientific, data-heavy tool appear a lot friendlier for users.

¬†Since the site’s launch, I’ve had the pleasure of continuing to work with the brand on custom graphics for site content and social initiatives. It’s always fun to work with HGTV Gardens because the voice of the brand is light-hearted and extremely hands-on so that can come through in the graphics as well.


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