Holiday Fireplace Blogger Challenge

Fall, 2013
Blogger Challenge with Joann for HGTV’s 2013 Holiday House

Last summer five bloggers, three from DIY’s Made + Remade including myself and two from Joann, were asked to style a non-traditional holiday mantle based on a mood board that included winter whites and lots of texture. Products from Joann as well as salvaged materials could be combined to execute whatever we dreamed up. I chose to do a lot handmade with a bit of vintage. Here’s the finished product as well as some of the how-to shots.



joann-fireplace-hannahb-3joann-fireplace-hannahb-diyM+R Blogger Challenge | Hannah B.

While my mantle was not the winner, the materials were used in the 2013 HGTV Holiday House. Click here to see. 

See all the mantles and accompanying how-to posts on DIY’s Made + Remade.


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